Through Your Eyes: My Neighborhood (6)

Last changed: 05/23/2023 5:40pm
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6 Visual Art
Visual Art English
Both Grade Level and Arts/PE Program Alignment
3 45 min
3 45 min
In-School Short Term Residency
All year In-School,
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mixed media, heavyweight paper, 11x18 multi-colored construction paper, and books/images.

(Due to the coronavirus each student will be provided with their own materials which will vary and which will be discussed with the teacher.)
table to set up materials.
I can create a neighborhood collage that will illustrate the unique aspects of my neighborhood and create a sense of place. Students will understand the background of Romare Bearden and his artwork. Students will brief paragraph describing their neighborhood and how they incorporated a sense of place in their work.
The program gives students the opportunity to express their points of view, in their creations, analyze the artistic elements and principals that contributed to the mood of artistic work, demonstrate the process of creating a mixed-media collage that expresses the unique aspects in their neighborhood that creates a sense of place, illustrating a current social concern and conveying a mood.The students will be evaluated informally while they are working on their neighborhood composition. The formal assessment will be students writing about their own ideas about how to portray the unique aspects of their neighborhood environment that create a Sense of Place and how they portray current events. Students will be informally evaluated during the class discussion about their neighborhood project.
Assist in handing out materials and creation of students Neighborhood collage.

Grade 6

Grade 6: Reading Standards for Literature: Key Ideas and Details #2.Determine central ideas or themes of a text and analyze their development; summarize the
key supporting details and ideas.
Grade 6: Creating: Anchor Standard 1: Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work: Formulate an
artistic investigation of personally relevant content for creating art.

Grade 6: Creating: Anchor Standard 2: Organize and develop artistic ideas and work: Demonstrate
openness in trying new ideas, materials, methods,
and approaches in making works of art and design.