Do I need to register in order to look through the Hartford Performs Program Database?

No, teachers are able to search through the database without registering. Logins are only intended for Hartford Performs arts providers and participating school's Site Coordinators. Everyone else can search freely!

What's the difference between Grade Level Programs and Arts/PE Programs?

Grade Level Programs Arts and PE Programs
Definition: Grade Level Program is an approach to teaching in which students construct and demonstrate understanding through an art form. Students engage in a creative process which connects an art form and another subject area and meets evolving objectives in both. A program that supports and enhances the teaching of an art form that also ties to learning in a curriculum subject.
Program can be selected by: Grade Level Teachers (PK-8) Specials Teachers (Dance, Music, PE, Theatre and Visual Arts)
Pricing: Cost Per Student Cost Per Classroom
Fee Options to Charge: $0, $5, $10
On average a grade level has 52 students.

Example: If you charge $10 per student and your program serves 52 students, you would be compensated $520 for your program.
$0, $150, $200, $250*
On average a grade level has 2 classrooms.

Example: If you offer your $200 program to a 4 classroom grade level, you would be compensated $800.

*To charge $250 per class, the program must be two visits.
Length of Program: 1-5 visits with the same group of students; length of time can range from 30 to 90 minutes. 1-2 visits with the same group of students for 45 minutes. If your program is a one-time performance, then timing can range from 45 to 90 minutes.
Program Format: In-school workshops, in-school performances, multi-day workshops, short-term residencies, offsite performances, museum tours and combinations of any of the above. In-school workshops, in-school performances, two-day workshops, museum tours, offsite performances.
Who experiences the program: Program will serve an entire grade level. Program will serve 1-4 arts and/or PE classrooms regardless of grade level.

Why can't I find any contact information listed on the database for any of the arts providers?

Before schools can contact arts providers to schedule programs they must first have their Grade Level Program Team (AIT) meeting with Hartford Performs and their school's Site Coordinator. These meetings typically happen in the month of September but can start as early as the last week of August. Once you meet with Hartford Performs, we will provide you with your selected arts provider contact information along with other important information you will need to start scheduling.

What does "# of classrooms," mean under every program page?

The "# of classrooms" is Hartford Performs way of tracking every arts provider's bookings. In the beginning of the year, every arts provider tells HP the number of classrooms they are able to provide programs for, for the entire school year. Hartford Performs then tracks their capacity to ensure no one is overbooked. If you see low numbers that means that program is close to being sold out or the arts provider has limited availability.

Who pays for these programs?

Hartford Performs funds the programming but if a school selects an offsite program it is the school's responsibility to pay for busing.

How many programs can I pick?

Hartford Performs allots $20 per student for PK-8th grade teachers at every participating school. There are no programs in our database that cost more than $20 per student, so each grade level will be able to select anywhere between 2 to even 5 programs in a school year through Hartford Performs. If you are an Arts or PE teacher you will have the option to select a maximum of 2 programs through Hartford Performs to a pre-identified number of classrooms. The number of classrooms to be served is decided by Hartford Performs and is based on the size of your school. This number will either be 2 grade level classrooms or 4 grade level classrooms.

I found the programs my grade level wants to book, how do I sign up for them online?

Teachers are not able to sign up for programs online but we do suggest you write down all your top program selections. You will be able to sign up for these programs during your grade level's Hartford Performs Grade Level Program Team (AIT) Meeting. Your school's Site Coordinator will be able to tell you when your meeting with Hartford Performs staff is scheduled. Typically these meetings occur during the entire month of September during a grade level's prep period but can start as early as the last week of August. Program availability is based on a first come, first serve basis, so make sure your Site Coordinator schedules the Grade Level Program Team (AIT) Meetings with Hartford Performs early! I want to make sure we get our first choice program selections.

Can I reach out to the arts providers before our Grade Level Program Team meetings to reserve our spot?

No. In order for Hartford Performs to keep an accurate tracking of program bookings all reservations have to be done through Hartford Performs. If a teacher attempts to book a program prior to their AIT meeting and just contacts the arts provider directly, that grade level will run the risk of either having this program reservation being voided by Hartford Performs or the school left responsible to pay for the program. Hartford Performs will only fund program bookings that were reserved through Hartford Performs during Grade Level Program Team meetings. Once you've had your AIT meeting, teachers can then reach out to arts providers and begin scheduling directly with them.

I want our students to attend an offsite program. Will Hartford Performs pay and schedule busing?

Hartford Performs ONLY funds the programs. Any transportation costs and scheduling will be entirely the school's responsibility along with collecting permission slips and filling out the excursion forms.

If there is a program that is not listed in the database that I want to have my students to experience, will Hartford Performs fund it?

Hartford Performs will only fund programs that are listed in the Hartford Performs database. All the programs listed have gone through a vetting process and were recommended to be made available to Hartford Public Schools who are partnering with Hartford Performs. Every year Hartford Performs releases a Request for Qualifications for new arts providers and programs to be added to the database. If there is a program or arts provider you wish was listed but currently isn't, let Hartford Performs staff know during your AIT meeting and we will be sure to reach out to them for our next round of applications.