How do programs get on the roster?

    Every program listed on roster has gone through an application and review process through a selection committee of Hartford School educators and administrators to ensure each program is relevant, student centered, and aligns with learning standards in both core curriculum subjects and the arts. Do I need to register in order to look through the Hartford Performs Program roster? No, anyone can search the roster without a login. Logins are only intended for Hartford Performs staff, Arts Providers, and Site Coordinators. Anyone can search freely!

Why can't I find any contact information for any of the teaching artists?

    Contact information is shared with the lead teacher once a program has been selected at the start of the school year with Hartford Performs. Teachers will receive a booking confirmation email with the arts provider contact information to begin scheduling the program for your classes. This process is to ensure every student has access equitable access to programming. What does "# of classrooms," mean under every program page? Some arts providers have limitations on how many classrooms they can serve in a school year. The "# of classrooms" per program, tracks how many classrooms are still available for the school year, so a program is not overbooked. If there are not enough classrooms left for your grade level you might be able to join a waitlist or find another program to select. Who pays for these programs? Hartford Performs funds student programs. Funding is made possible by Hartford Public Schools, local and federal grants, and individual donors. To see more about our funding please visit Hartford Performs. org How many programs can I pick? Each grade level can select anywhere between 2 and 5 programs in a school year through Hartford Performs within their allotted $20/student budget. Programs are $0, $5, $10, and $20. Arts and PE teachers program selection is based on funding each year and will be determined by Hartford Performs in the Fall.

Can you add a rating system to each program, so I know I’m picking a good one?

    All programs have gone through an application process and approved by a selection committee of educators based on specific criteria. Additional reviews happen through observation and teacher feedback to make sure programs are current, relevant, engaging, and student-centered. If you have a wonderful or poor experience with a program, it is helpful for us to hear about your experience through our program survey, so we can follow up appropriately. How do I sign up for the program online? Programs cannot be booked online, however teachers can use the cart icon to save a list of programs you want to select. You can print this list or email it to yourself, your team, or your site coordinator in preparation for your program selection meeting in the fall.

An Arts Provider reached out to me during the summer to schedule a program, can I do that?

    Arts Providers must wait for the booking and selection process before communicating with teachers. Hartford Performs will only fund programs booked through Hartford Performs selection meetings to ensure all students in participating school receive equitable programming. Please let us know at info@hartfordperforms.org if an arts provider reaches out to you before a booking confirmation is created. Will Hartford Performs pay and schedule busing? No, Hartford Performs only funds the program. Any transportation costs and scheduling will be entirely the school's responsibility along with collecting permission slips and filling out the excursion forms.

If there is a program that is not listed in the roster that I want to have my students to experience, will Hartford Performs fund it?

    Hartford Performs can only fund programs that are listed on the current Hartford Performs roster. Every year there is a new programs application and review process. If there is a program or arts provider you wish was listed but currently isn't, let Hartford Performs staff know and we will be sure to include them in the next round of applications.

How do I schedule a visit date with the arts provider?

    Find your email booking confirmation. Sometimes these end up in your JUNK outlook email folder. The email booking confirmation has the email and phone number of the arts providers to schedule a visit date. Let them know what school, voucher number, and program you are contacting them about.

I need more help!

    First, reach out to your school’s appointed Hartford Performs site coordinator. They have all the booking information for your school and can assist with reserving a room and picking a date that works for your school schedule. If they can’t answer your question, they will connect you to a Hartford Performs staff who can help.