Storytelling Through Art and Poetry (6)

Last changed: 07/15/2022 5:18pm
Visual Art English
Grade Level Program Integration
3 45 min
In-School Short Term Residency
All year In-School,
$10 0
yes Phone , Email
Paints, paint brushes, markers, tape, paper, pencils, colored pencils, rulers
Students at tables or desks
I can express myself through art
I can use different materials to make a composition
I can share who I am through a self-portrait and poetry
Students will build self-esteem skills and relationship building skills through this storytelling though art program. Students will be led through a creative process over the three visits for this program. Students will express their creativity and reflect how they see themselves using different visual art mediums to create a "self-portrait". PreK - Grade 1 will have guidance and support. Older students will add lines of poetry to enhance their portraits.
All programs will start off with a short, guided meditation and will include time for discussion and reaction to the meditation. All programs will end with a discussion/reflection of the student's experience and reactions to the process.

Grade 6

Grade 6: English: Reading Standards for Informational: Key Ideas and Details: Cite textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences
drawn from the text.
Grade 6: Anchor Standard 7: Perceive and analyze artistic work: 6a.Identify and interpret works of art or design that
reveal how people live around the world and what they value.
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