The "Just So Stories" - sparking young readers, writers and illustrators (6)

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Theater English
Grade Level Program Access
1 45 min
Program can easily be adjusted to whatever length desired.
In-School Performance In School Performance (intended for the entire grade level to experience together)
All year; not available on Fridays In-School,
$10 0
no Phone , Email , In-Person
sound system if needed for large groups; teacher guide
a clear, quiet performing space
access to quiet performing space of at least 6' x 12', 15 minutes prior to program.
I can interpret information that is presented orally. I can tell you where Rudyard Kipling was born and some of the places he traveled and wrote about. I can tell you why he kept the references to "My Best Beloved" in his Just So Stories. I can tell you how fun it is to listen to his stories and to recite lines like "the banks of the great, grey-green, greasy Limpopo River." I can come up with my own idea for a Just So Story.
These colorful pourquoi stories are an ideal springboard to inspire students to write their own how and why inventions! Rudyard Kipling "“ "a magician of words." Jackson Gillman "“ "the Stand-Up Chameleon." Put them together and you"ll see why Kipling"s timeless "Just So Stories" have been adored by many generations worldwide. Students will be exposed to Kipling's literary eloquence and to Jackson's animated performing style. Jackson has been making these stories come alive for 40 years, and annually portrays Rudyard-in-Residence at Kipling"s historic Vermont home. "Mr. Kipling" frames the show himself, and after Jackson's telling, welcomes the students' questions about his writing process.
In 2014, this show played Off-Broadway as part of the United Solo Theater Festival In advance of the 150th anniversary of Kipling"s birth. Of the 130 shows from around the world, it received the Best Educational Show award. Renewed interest in Kipling has also been sparked by the cinematic remake of The Jungle Book.
Any number of caregivers are welcome to observe the performance.

Grade 6

Grade 6: Writing Standards: Text Types and Purposes #3: Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, relevant descriptive details, and well-structured event sequences.
Grade 6: Theatre: Responding: Anchor Standard 7: Perceive and analyze artistic work.
A. Describe and record personal reactions to artistic choices in a drama/theatre work.