Dimensional Dance

About Dimensional Dance

Dimensional Dance showcases beautiful fierce performers in their programs in schools, off-site performances and on-line programs. This is a fun way for children to be exposed to artistry of dance both ballet and hip hop as well as choreography. Our programs serve as a great introduction that often leads to deeper interest in the world of dance. In our two main programs Dimensional Dancer/Hartford residence Savana Jones and director, Ruth Lewis, explore racial justice through choreography in one program and the environment through movement in our other program. Ms. Jones has taught jazz, creative movement and funk dance classes at the Artist Collective as well as hip hop classes at other area studios. Ms. Lewis is a Hartford Performs Arts Leader. She has successfully completed the 2016-2017 Hartford Performs Arts Leader Program. She participated in the Kennedy Center’s Artists as Educators Seminar, ‘Planning and Presenting Effective Teacher Workshops’. She also leads arts integrated professional learning workshops for schools. She is listed on the Connecticut roster of Teaching Artists.

Grade Levels

2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8

Art Forms


Curriculum Focuses

Social Studies English Science

Program Formats

In-School Performance Offsite Performance In-School Workshop In-School Short Term Residency


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