Lance Kamau James

About Lance Kamau James

Lance James can be heard beating the drums; tuning out on a piano; composing lyrics and bringing down the house with his flavor of "Smooth Jazz with an Afro/Latin Groove". Kamau pronounced Ka-mah-oo, is Swahili for "Musical Warrior". He creates positive energy wherever his battlefield is staged. Once a business man in the corporate world and now a bandleader, performer, composer and manager in the music world, his spirit continues to soar with the intervention and counseling of students in the education world. Lance has performed with many well-known bands and musicians including "People of Goodwill". Some of his successful achievement compositions can be heard in his Reggae version of Billie Jean- Vocalist: Bernard Jackson, formerly of the group "Surface". Lance is a gifted Songwriter who wrote the popular songs for People of Goodwill like Calypso Caliente, Follow the Leader, and Sunrise (Sunset). In 2001, Lance debuted his new Album, "Friends and Strangers" which hit the Hot 100 List. Also provide instructions and facilitate: Studio Production, Band Directing, Theater Production, Guitar Instruction, Piano Instruction and Steel Pan Instruction.

Grade Levels

PK , K , 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5

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Social Studies Math

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In-School Workshop


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