Matica Arts

About Matica Arts

Matica Arts, LLC is a performing arts company dedicated to the moving arts and circus. Everything we do is skilled, family-friendly and joyous. Yearly, Matica works with thousands of children and adults. Joel Melendez created the innovative and program: Capoeira: Brasil's Struggle for Freedom through Strength. It resonates with many people because he lays out the struggle faced by African slaves and their victorious battle for freedom. He aligns it to modern struggles and freedom seekers and illustrates how relevant this history is to all who feel oppressed and disconnected today. Heidi Kirchofer leads preK-2nd graders on a movement and math adventure. Students have so much fun they sometimes don't realize they are learning time, fractions, addition, subtraction and patterns! Teachers will see working examples of how to use kinesthetic learning.


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