The Gifted Onez/ Kimberly Bridges

About The Gifted Onez/ Kimberly Bridges

Kimberly Bridges founded her program in Boston, MA. back in 1989. At that time the program was called Special Force. In 1996 Kim moved to Hartford, CT. where the program name changed to The Gifted Onez. Growing up in Hartford, CT. Kim faced many challenges such as low self esteem, peer pressure, being bullied, and being raised by a single parent. She never fit in except when she showed off her rapping skills at age 14. Rapping and poetry became an outlet for her pain. Being a part of two plays at The Hartford Stage company really made a difference in her life because she loved performing. It was a six week summer program that taught eighty students, how to dance, act, sing, rap, sew, and build the stage. At age nineteen, Kim moved to Boston and started teaching the performing arts as seen through her eyes. Everyday after school the kids would run into The Roxbury Boys & Girls club looking for Kim to teach them the arts. The students would then travel around educating the community through performance on isues they faced everyday such as gun violence, gangs, teen pregnancy, aids, (etc.) She has been teaching,loving, caring, & disciplining the youth ever since. After working for many organizations such as Boston Public Schools, HTFD Public Schools, and Catholic Charities, Kim decided to start her own business in 2010. GOD has sprinkled his blessings all over her, and this is only the beginning! KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE SPARROW!!!

Grade Levels

1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8

Art Forms

Music Dance

Curriculum Focuses

English Math

Program Formats

In-School Workshop In-School Short Term Residency


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