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35 years' full-time professional performer (musician & pro storyteller of world folktales) and teaching artist. Great track record w/HP. Sings, 2 x national award-winning performer (to be author in 2019). Master teaching artist. Shows & workshops are VERY participatory & varied, engaging all ages by giving them lots to do--sing, chant, play, act, speak, move, rhyme, especially to improve literacy. Understands kids, teachers' needs, how to put fun into learning for all ages. Easy to work with. Excellent educational background, B.A. cum laude, Middlebury College. Facility with foreign languages. Guaranteed success and good time while supporting learning, language arts--oral storytelling builds reading and writing success, comprehension. Warm, friendly, fun. Incorporates foreign languages into folktales. "I found the storyteller that visited my classroom weekly was highly beneficial to my students' learning.  She worked with them on our reading curriculum, using songs, animations, and props.  This engaged the students for the entire time and they were very excited to be a part of it.  All of my students immediately responded to her and were enthusiastic about all the activities. I believe the reinforcement of reading skills in these different modes of learning helped many students make growth. I had several students talk about their experience with the storyteller for the remainder of the year; we all wished it could have gone on longer!" To be published in 2019: From Stage Door to Classroom Floor: Playing with Stories for Joyful Learning & Literacy, w/ Praeger/Libraries Unlimited

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