Latin American Carnaval

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Our first "Latin" show begins at 9:50am and is 65 minutes, concluding at 10:55am. There is a 20 minute intermission, when some schools leave, and others arrive (just for the 2nd performance). Our second "Spanish" show begins at 11:15am and is 65 minutes, concluding at 12:20pm. Each show is a separate Arts Integration experience.
Fall 2014: Herbert Gillman Theater @ Mandell JCC of Hartford, 335 Bloomfield Ave West Hartford, CT 06117<br />Spring 2015: TBA Please call 800.435.8687 for Spring 2015 tour schedule.
Fall: Tuesday, November 11, 2014 @ 9:50am Spring:Monday, April 20th, 2015 @11:15am, Location is TBA
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Online Study Guides, Videos and Pictures http://www.flamencoballet.com/videos.html complimenting the performance of professional musicians and dancers, in traditional costume, with an opportunity for students to participate during each of our two shows. Pictures taken without a flash are permitted during the performance. Video and Audio recording are prohibited, unless authorized in writing by our Executive Director. Additional educational tools are available for purchase: CDs, DVDs at the show, or by calling 800.435.8687.
Printing, distributing and reviewing the Study Guide that corresponds to their show(s) with their students http://www.flamencoballet.com/study_guides.html Additional educational tools are available for purchase: CDs, DVDs at the show, or by calling 800.435.8687.
Teachers must bring a Hartford Performs Voucher to the show, which will be collected by Hispanic Flamenco Ballet's Tour Manager, on site, at the venue.
Hispanic Flamenco Ballet's mission is to open the window of cultural expression and understanding amongst the youth of America, regardless of their background, through a variety of traditional Latin American & Spanish dance and music productions, with a goal to offer economically disadvantaged K-12 student’s admission to the same. Students will identify and discuss how norms and values vary across cultures; explain how a civilization/nation's arts, architecture, music and literature reflect its culture and history; and evaluate the cultural contributions of a variety of past and present civilizations. Students will understand music and dance in relation to history and culture.
Our Latin program is specifically designed, choreographed and produced for K-12 audiences, with aspects of the performance highlighting targeted educational standards and core curriculums. Students will witness a dazzling display of traditional and contemporary dance, costume, and music from Hispanic nations of the Caribbean, Central and South America. They will be treated to the sights, sounds and styles of: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and many more! This performance provides students with a unique opportunity to not only observe and understand the distinctions between dances, but it also provides a comprehensive survey of Latin American cultures as seen through the performing arts. In addition to the live music and dance extravaganza, the showcase features Argentinean Boleadoras and an interactive grand finale when the students perform movement elements and dance skills. The comprehension of the students learning and understanding our cultural education show will be reflected in their ability to participate in the performances through repetition of music, foreign language, and dances from different cultures and historic periods. The students will empathize with our professional performers costume and folkloric music and dance, as they learn to interpret and recognize the patterns in culture and make connections between music and dance as the foundation for modern languages. Our Latin show study guide should be administered through the educators of the younger students. Educators may use the study guide as a base for their lesson plans. For the older student, the study guide in their own hands, will highlight social studies, humanities, world history and the artistic connections of the Caribbean, Central and South American countries through folkloric music, dance and costume.
Hispanic Flamenco Ballet was formed in 2005, by Jorge Ceron, a cultural exchange expert who began his career over 15 years ago with the Boston Flamenco Ballet. During this time, Mr. Ceron has managed numerous cultural exchange tours, gaining vast experience that is reflected in the rich cultural diversity and content of our present day shows. To date, HFB has produced over 850 cultural education performances based on Latin American countries of the Caribbean, Central and South America, as well as heritage shows representing Spain.Most recently HFB held Open-Call Dancer and Musician auditions in 9 cities, with dancers and musicians representing 12 countries. During these auditions 193 performers demonstrated a range of professional skills to comprise our touring company of 8 HFB Dancers and 3 HFB Musicians. Since our inception, and as of December 31, 2013, we have performed for over 460,000 students and teachers! With our professional dancers and musicians, we have grown HFB’s audience 122% from 35,503 (2007) to 78,604 (2013).
Volunteers may be welcome to help Hispanic Flamenco Ballet as Ushers and Greeters.