Studio 860: History of Hip Hop (4 - 5)

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4 , 5 Theater Dance Phy. Education
Dance Social Studies
Arts/PE Program Access
1 45 min
In-School Workshop
Monday - Friday, All year anytime before 2:00pm In-School, Virtual
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Music, sound system, Hip Hop activity sheet
Open space with an outlet
I CAN describe the impact hip hop has made on American culture.
I CAN identify specific dance styles related to hip hop and their origins.
The purpose of this program is to develop the understanding, history and technique of hip hop culture in a clean and positive manner. Our program introduces this form from a stand point that only highlights the great contribution that hip hop dance, music, art and style has made on American Culture and its vitality to urban history. Because of the vast influence of hip hop on our youth, it is our mission to share information about its origin, the importance of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

The presentation offers storytelling, movement participation, and performances administered by teaching artist's of Equilibrium Dance Theatre. The high energy performers will perform specific dance styles related to the development of hip hop dance. With focus on such icons like Michael Jackson, James Brown, The Lockers, Rock Steady Crew, and countless other hip hop pioneers, our program parallel these movements through our interpretation through dance, oral history and movement participant activities. Students will be guided in a movement overview of these hip hop styles, trends and dances.

Grade 4

Grade 4: History: Perspectives: 4.1: Explain connections among historical contexts and people's perspectives at the time.
Grade 4: Dance: Creating: Anchor Standard 2: Organize and develop artistic ideas and work. a. Manipulate or modify choreographic devices to expand movement possibilities and create a variety of movement patterns and structures. Discuss movement choices.

Grade 5

Grade 5:Geography: Human-Environment Interaction: Places, Regions, and Culture: 5.2: Explain how culture influences the way people modify and adapt to their environments.
Grade 5: Dance: Creating: Anchor Standard 2: Organize and develop artistic ideas and work.
a. Manipulate or modify a variety of choreographic
devices to expand choreographic possibilities and develop a main idea. Explain reasons for movement choices
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