Celebrate the Constitution Assemby - With Stamp Tax/Pass Bill Workshop (elementary)

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Theatre Social Studies
Grade Level Program Alignment
2 60 min
The first assembly for the whole grade level is 50 - 60 minutes. Each workshop/ per class would be 60 minutes. If there are three classes in a grade level, this works best if the performance for all the classes and the workshops for individual classes are all on the same day.
Combo In-School Performance & In-School Workshop The performance is intended for the entire grade level to experience together, but the workshops will take place in each individual classroom.
Available January - June.
$10 0
no Email , Phone
Performance set, props,. Performance songs for each participating classroom teacher are available if teachers are interested. All workshop supplies, props, signs, M&M's or Skittles if students are allergic, cups, and game directions for the teachers to use in future years.
Pre and Post Survey Paper: Carol will provide the simple surveys of a few questions. Classes can discuss these as a group or answer them on scrap paper. If teachers want these on individual pieces of paper, the copies would need to be provided by the school.

Workshop – Classroom setting works fine. Blackboard to write some notes on. Students will need scrap paper and pencils.

Performance space, 10' x 15', plus room to seat the audience of several classes. The whole grade level watches the performance at once. This space does not need to be an auditorium. Cafeterias, gymnasiums or large open rooms are fine. A microphone if more than 250 students attend.
I can understand the significance of the Constitution to our country.
I can understand how this applies to my town, my state and my country.
I can learn by doing and being a part of the presentation.
I can understand the three branches of government
I can understand that my voice and vote are important in an election.
I can understand colonists frustration before the American Revolution.
I can understand the process of how governments pass bills.

Special Available Edition in 20/20 only - Elections Extravaganza ( Option) Carol will substitute two pieces in the Constitution show with highly entertaining pieces that explain the election process, and instill a responsibility to vote. (The follow up workshops already explain the process of creating a law, so we can add the voting process to this idea as well.
Celebrate the "law of the land". Understand the purpose of the Constitution and how it still applies to us today. Originally created to celebrate Constitution Day, since schools that receive federal funding are mandated to provide Constitution lessons, Carol now "Celebrates the Constitution" all year, carefully breaking down complicated issues, for students to understand. She sings a timeline song documenting our separation from England right through the Declaration of Independence, the American Revolution and forming the USA. She explains the need for rules, shares stories about cooperating and establishing one government, with new laws, and a balance of power through the three branches of government. Students are delighted with the audience participation, large props and patriotic costumes. The workshop includes a Stamp Tax game where students learn about the frustrations of early colonists, and a Pass the Bill game, where they learn the process by passing their own bill.
Please note this is an assembly for the entire grade level at one time. Minimum number of students would be two classes, or an approximate total of fifty students. M&M's are used for the Stamp Tax Game. Carol will provide Skittles if allergies are an issue. There are many good chances for student photos in the show. Teachers may want to take pictures.

Grade 4

Grade 4: History Causation and Argumentation HIST K.8 Generate possible reasons for an event or development in the past.
Grade 4: History Perspectives HIST 4.1 Explain connections among historical contexts and people’s perspectives at the time.
Grade 4: Theatre: Responding: Anchor Standard 8: Interpret intent and meaning in artistic work.
 B. Compare andcontrast the qualities of characters in a drama/theatre work through physical characteristics and prop or costume design choices that reflect cultural perspectives.
Grade 4: Theatre: Connecting: Anchor Standard 10: Synthesize and relate knowledge and personal experiences to make art. A. Identify the waysdrama/theatre work reflects the perspectives of a community or culture.

Grade 5

Grade 5:HISTORY Change, Continuity and Context HIST 5.2 Compare life in specific historical periods to life today.
Grade 5: Perspectives HIST 5.4 Explain why individuals and groups during the same historical period differed in their perspectives.
Grade 5: Theatre: Responding: Anchor Standard 8: Interpret intent and meaning in artistic work.
 B. Explain responses to characters based on cultural perspectives when participating in or observing drama/theatre work.
Grade 5: Theatre: Connecting: Anchor Standard 10: Synthesize and relate knowledge and personal experiences to make art. A. Explain how drama/theatre connects oneself to a community or culture.