Birthed Out Of Africa (middle)

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6 , 7 , 8
Theatre Social Studies
Grade Level Program Alignment
1 60 min
In-School Workshop Intended for the entire grade level to experience together
November through April
$10 0
yes In-Person , Email , Phone
Auditorium space or space large enough for theater performance
Open space for dancing and acting.
I can analyze the relationship of the theme to the characters, setting, and plot of a script and determine the author's purpose for writing a script.

I can use dialogue, descriptions, pacing, and refection to develop events and characters

I can identify significant people and events from the American Revolution and describe the contributions of enslaved and free Africans on cultural and economic development in different regions of the American colonies.
Birthed Out of Africa is a learning experience for students and educators. Most of the history portrayed is not in our school books. Students are encouraged to read and research some of the characters in the play. Students will be watching and we ask for 5 to 6 students to participate in the production. They participate as in playing small parts, which will be given out 2 weeks before the production date. The production brings to life the richness of Africa's cultures transplanted in America. The production captures Africa before slavery and the enslavement and removal of Africans from their native home land via the Atlantic passage. From there, the audience is taken on a journey over the gulfs of time, from the 16th century to modern day America. Using songs, dances, dramatic interpretations, poetry punctuated with a photographic slideshows, the performers will make chronological, historic “short stops” in various eras, which constitute the acts of the play. The musical moves in a historical wave from the burning of the Black Wall Street, slaves shipped to many parts of the world, inventions, En Route to Texas, the Harlem Renaissance, Civil Rights Movement, the Sixteenth Street Church experience, the start of the jazz, big band, and hip hop eras; and ending the experience with contemporary history makers such as, President Barack Obama.
Outside of Hartford Performs - This program is available to see at CCSU annually. This program is ticketed at $10.00 per student. For every 40 students 1 teacher is free. If interested you may contact Mary Taylor @ 860-888-6597.
Volunteers are helpful with students changing costumes; some makeup and helping to make sure students are on stage on time.

Grade 6

Grade 6: History: Change, Continuity and Context: 6-8.1 Use questions about historically significant people or events to explain the impact on a region.
Grade 6: Theatre: Creating: Anchor Standard 1: Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work. b. Identify solutions to design challenges in a drama/theatre work.
Grade 6: Theatre: Responding: Anchor Standard 8: Interpret intent and meaning in artistic work. b. Identify cultural perspectives that may influence the evaluation of a drama/theatre work.

Grade 7

Grade 7: Economics: The Global Economy: 6-7.7 Explain the benefits and the cost of trade policies to individual, business and society.
Grade 7: Theatre: Performing: Anchor Standard 5: Develop and refine artistic techniques and work for presentation. a. Participate in a variety of acting exercises and techniques that can be applied in a rehearsal or drama/theatre performance.
Grade 7: Theatre: Responding: Anchor Standard 7: Percieve and analyze artistic work. a. Compare recorded personal and peer reactions to artistic choices in a drama/theatre work

Grade 8

Grade 8: History: Change, Continuity and Context: 8.1: Analyze multiple factors that influenced the perspectives of people during different historical eras.
Grade 8: History: Perspectives: 8.4: Explain how and why perspectives of people have changed over time (e.g. American Revolution, slavery, labor, the role of women).
Grade 8: Theatre: Performing: Anchor Standard 4: Select, analyze, and interpret artistic work for presentation. b. Use various character objectives and tactics in a drama/theatre work to overcome an obstacle
Grade 8: Theatre: Creating: Anchor Standard 1: Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work. c. Develop a scripted or improved character by articulating the character's inner thoughts, objectives and motivations in a drama/theatre work
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