Che'La'Mora Hardy

About Che'La'Mora Hardy

Che’La’Mora is a native of Hartford, a full-time creative, mom of two brilliant boys and a teaching artist. She expresses her creativity through photography, painting, experimenting with textures, and through poetry. Che’ directed and founded Procreate Artist Group which was active for 8 years; a multi-culturally diverse group of artists based in Connecticut. ​ She has been creating art all of her life and believes art is not limited to one type of medium or to the use of the traditional canvas. Che’ feels it is important to make an impact by inspiring others to explore their own creativity and purpose. Che' has worked on community murals that are located at Rawson School, Scott’s Jamaican Bakery, The Russel Grab n Go restaurant, Joey Garlic’s, Bee mural at the 224 along with workshops hosted by Hartford’s Lit at the Hartford Public library, Project Resiliency Project, The Claypen and many more community events.

Grade Levels

PK , K , 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6

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Visual Art

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In-School Short Term Residency


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