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Inara Ramin has been a African Drumming Performer/Instructor for the past 42 years. Mr. Ramin's workshops and drumming programs serves to empower youth and families to achieve a higher level of self awareness, educational and artistic excellence. Mr. Ramin provides a safe and fun environment to inspire youth to excel and discover their talents through African Drumming. Inara Ramin a life long resident of Hartford has been a African Drumming Performer, Instructor and Drum Maker since 1977. Serving as African Drumming Coordinator for the Artists Collective 1977-1985, Sankofa Kuumba 1986-1998, Assistant Musical Director African Caribbean Dance Theater of Tallahassee 1999-2001. Since 2002 Mr, Ramin has been teaching in New York City with Piragramac Arts.

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