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Birthed Out of Africa began in 2010 under the title "From The Boat To Obama" and ran solid for 8 years. The show was retitled, Birthed Out of Africa. From the Boat to Obama” is an engaging historical journey from Africa before Slavery to modern day America. The production brings this remarkable period in history alive through song, dance, dramatic interpretations, poetry and photographic slide shows. Audiences travel through historically significant events such as burning of the Black Wall Street, En Route to Texas, the Harlem Renaissance, the Civil Rights Movement, the Sixteenth Street Church experience, the start of the African Americans entering professional dance companies concluding with contemporary history makers such as President Barack Obama. The production is intended for K through college, offering supporting curriculum expanding upon concepts presented by the production. This musical is appropriate for students in kindergarten through college. The production celebrates the achievements of African Americans and educates young and old and the diverse generations about the contributions of African Americans in the United States. It also provides viable theatrical opportunities and roles for performers of color through community based theater. Mission: bridge the educational gap for children and the community, who are not adequately exposed to the arts; in conjunction with increasing student’s comprehension of history and diversity through an informative and entertaining celebration of African-American accomplishment. As a growing organization, we envision achieving the following programming objectives as we develop new, diverse projects: Build self-confidence; teach children how to focus while maintaining self-control and discipline. Expose students to diverse cultural and historical experiences to aid in the cultivation of their self-confidence, compassion, and respect for others. Presents non-traditional theater that showcases the vibrant diversity of the Greater Hartford community. Encourage family involvement and new audience participation by providing quality theater performance that is culturally diverse.

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