Greatheart Griot Andre Keitt

About Greatheart Griot Andre Keitt

Storytelling for over two decades, Andre spins tales from a list of over thirty story programs he created from his love of reading about Africans, African Americans, Dinosaurs, Mystery and Spooky stuff.His programs are a treasure trove of energy packed tales of the Circus, and Cultural Ceremonies from around the world. They include delicious tales from the Tropical Islands and stories cooked up by his very own grandmother, Martha Greatheart Thompson, his beloved “Mama Thompson.” She was like the African griot, keeping history through stories of her village. So now, Andre, The Greatheart Griot, is flying on his magic story book to bring tales, talks and tunes, of many people, places, and things, to a location near you!

Grade Levels

K , 1 , 2 , 3

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English Social Studies

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In-School Workshop


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