Arts Are Essential, Inc.

About Arts Are Essential, Inc.

Arts Are Essential, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 based in Massachusetts. We have been incorporated for 10 years, but have over 30 years experience with Arts in Education programming.

We have FIVE artists and 7 programs on the Hartford Performs Roster: Tony Vacca has Science of Sound and Math of Rhythm. Martin Swinger has Introduction to Song-writing: The Sugar Bun Song and Mnemonic's the Tonic. Pitz Quattrone has Discover the Didgeridoo. Alika Hope and Ray Morant have The Ray of Hope: Music and Stories of 19th century African Americans and Abolitionists. Abdou Sarr has West African Dance and Culture.

Our mission: Arts Are Essential works in partnership with educators and artists to bring arts experiences that enrich, educate and enlighten students of all ages while inspiring creativity and imagination.

Guiding Principles: Arts Are Essential is committed to the belief that through performances, concerts, hands-on workshops, residencies and cultural exchanges, the visual and performing arts can: Accommodate many learning styles; Adapt to demonstrate and teach varied curricula, including language arts, math, science and social studies; Offer cultural awareness, which encourages acceptance.

Goals: * To provide arts in education enrichment of the highest caliber artistically and educationally. * To provide opportunities for cultural exchanges that increase understanding and acceptance between our diverse world populations. * To provide dynamic, exciting and meaningful family performances.


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